Alliances of World War 1

The Triple Alliance

     Several alliances were formed by countries seeking to protect themselves in any upcoming conflicts.  The first alliance formed was the dual alliance between Germany and Austria in 1879.  Germany then further allied themselves with Italy.  As a result, Italy was allied with Austria as well, and the Triple Alliance was formed in 1882.    

The Triple Entente

     The second major alliance formed was the Triple Entente.  The Franco-Russian Alliance, formed in 1893 between France and Russia was the beginning of the Allied Countries and was a response to the Triple Alliance.  France then formed the Entente Cordiale with Britain in 1904.  The Triple Entente was finished when Britain was allied with Russia in the Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907.



Reasons for Alliances

   The Reason for the start of the rush to form alliances was a conflict between Austria and Russia.  Austrian feared an attack from the much larger Russia and Germany took Austria's side, offering protection.  The next alliance, between Germany and Italy, was due to a dispute between Italy and France about land ownership in Africa.  Angry that the French government was keeping Italy from forming an empire in Russia, Italy joined the alliance with Germany and Russia.

     The formation of the triple entente was a response to the Triple Alliance.  France and Russia were directly threatened by the three countries, as the terms of the Triple alliance stated that if any Italy, Austria or Germany was attacked by France or Russia, the other countries would come to their aid.  Britain also foresaw the peril that Russia and France were in, and took their side